We have lots of resources to help people in Shetland stay healthy. Whether you are a professional looking for educational resources or you just want to pick up a few leaflets, please feel free to get in touch.

Communication Support

Communication is important in order to live the healthiest life we can. Some people find communication hard, and might need support to help understand things. There are lots of ways we can support good communication. Click here to explore.



We stock leaflets on a wide range of health subjects, including mental health self-care, how to give up smoking, alcohol awareness, physical activity and nutrition. If you have a specific request, get in touch.

If you have difficulties in reading small print or understanding some health information you can find easy read health leaflets here.

Local Delivery Plans and Strategies

These documents outline what we plan to achieve, and how we plan to achieve it - check back for further updates in other areas.

Alcohol and Drugs - ADP Delivery Plan and ADP Strategy - for further information contact Karen Smith.

Teaching Aids

We have a selection of teaching aids suitable for use with both children and adults. Visual, audio and interactive resources can help support learning. Our teaching aids cover the following topics: mental health, smoking, nutrition, physical activity and alcohol.



We can also offer a range of training. Click here to find out more.


Online Resources

There are many useful resources available online. We have included some online resources inside our Health Topics pages.

Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator

Alcohol Consumption Calculator

Safe use of the Internet