World Mental Health Day

Today, 10th October, is World Mental Health Day, this year's theme is workplace wellbeing. Nearly 1 in 6 of the workforce is affected by depression, anxiety or another mental health condition at any one time. (Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health, 2007)

The Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH) have produced a guide on How to be Mentally Healthy at Work.

Being at work is generally beneficial to your health though sometimes paid employement can bring it's own pressures, particularly on your mental health, and if you have a mental health condition, maintaining a job can sometimes be a challenge.

If you feel as if you need support with your mental health then you may want to seek professional help. The best place to start is by approaching your GP, who can then refer you to the most appropriate service for your needs. The services which are provided by NHS Shetland are: Adult Mental Health Service, Substance Misuse Services, and the Talking Therapies Service, all of these can be accessed via a referral by your GP. Details of local health centres can be found here.

Additionally, if you feel that you are wanting to get back into work, but are needing support to manage your mental health condition, then the Condition Management Programme can provide person centred support to help you meet your goals. Referral for this service is through the Shetland Employability Pathway, click the link for more information about how the Employability Pathway works.