We know that quitting smoking isn't always easy. Stopping smoking can make a huge difference to your life, to your health and to the health of those around you.


Why Quit Smoking?

The decision to stop smoking can only be made by you, and so it is useful to firm up in your mind why YOU want to quit.

People who receive help and support from their local stop smoking service are much more likely to successfully quit and are FOUR TIMES more likely to stay smoke-free than if you try it on your own.

Can't Stop is also full of lots of tips, tools, and information on preparing to quit smoking.  Try out some of these tools below:


Help With Quitting & Accessing Support in Shetland

NHS Stop Smoking services are available throughout Shetland.  Trained, friendly advisors will help you by giving expert advice and practical support. 

There is no pressure to sign up there and then, if you wish to just have a chat to see what is available that’s okay too. You can find out more information here:

  • Your local pharmacy - available 7 days a week. All pharmacies in Shetland provide a one-one support programme, where you'll have the opportunity to call in weekly, or as often as you can to collect medication (if required) and chat over any issues.
  • NHS Shetland Health Improvement Department - call 01595 807494 to find out about one-to-one support options
  • Your local Health Centre - call you health centre to find out more information or to book an assessment appointment. 

Or you could download this useful stop smoking app - NHS Smokefree


What to expect:

All the services above provide a 12-week stop smoking programme.

  • You will meet one-to-one with an advisor
  • They will ask you about your motivation, confidence and any problems or worries you might have about quitting
  • They will ask you about your smoking habits and behaviours, and help you to find ways to cope during difficult times
  • Your advisor will discuss medication options that can help to manage the physical withdrawals associated with stopping smoking.  Medication is available free-of-charge. 
  • Carbon monoxide testing is offered, which involves blowing into a hand-held machine. 
  • If you are ready to quit you will set a quit date.
  • Appointments are weekly, or as often as suits, for 12 weeks
  • If it is difficult to attend face to face appointments we can offer phone appointments.
  • Your first appointment can last up to 30 mintues,  after this appointments usually last about 10 minutes. 

Contact Us

If you want to find out more information about our Stop Smoking Programme, contact the Shetland Smoking Cessation Officer, Astryd Jamieson, on: or phone 01595807497