Pensions & Benefits

There is a lot of information available about pensions and benefits, and the details always seem to be changing - even the age you get your pension at might have changed! Plenty of people like to tell you how to spend, save and invest your money – but it can be difficult to work out who to listen to and who to trust. Knowing who to ask and where to look for advice and information can help you be confident in your financial situation.

If you prefer to look online for advice, you could try:

Pension Wise
Citizens Advice
Age UK
Pensions Advisory Service

If you would prefer to speak on the phone these services might help:

If you would rather speak to someone in person, pop-in to the Citizens Advice Bureau:                                        

Market House,

14 Market Street,




Opening DaysOpening Hours*Appointment Only
Monday 0930 - 1230 1400 - 1600
Tuesday 0930 - 1230 1400 - 1600
Wednesday 0930 - 1230 1400 - 1600
Thursday 0930 - 1230 1400 - 1600, 1700 - 2000
Friday 0930 - 1230 1400 - 1600
Saturday 1030 - 1300 











More helpful information...

If you are aged 60 or over you are entitled to a free bus pass for all local and many long-distance coach trips.

This also gets you two free return trips on the ferry to the mainland you should receive your vouchers in the post when you get your bus pass “National Entitlement Card”.

You might also be entitled to a Winter Fuel Payment.

If you are aged 75 or over you are entitled to a free TV licence.

If you’re not sure give one of the helplines a call or pop in to Citizens Advice Bureau – they are always happy to help!