Walk Leader Training

We want to see a healthier, more active Shetland where people have the chance to get out walking and enjoy their local area whatever their ability or fitness. Could you be involved in helping Shetland to get more active?

We’re looking for volunteers across Shetland to help lead and organise short walks of 30-60minutes in their local area. These walks are aimed at beginners, people looking to get more active or folk who want a bit of company when walking. You don’t need any specialist skills or experience – just the enthusiasm to help people in your local area to make connections, get more active and get to know their surroundings.

All we ask is that you come along to out Walk Leader training course on 1st April to spend the day with other local volunteers and learn a bit about leading a group and the benefits of walking, then commit to taking small groups on regular short walks. Our current “health walk leaders” work in a few different ways – some lead one-off walks throughout the year in different areas of interest, this suits people who can’t commit to a set day or time, some run a series of walks for 6-8 weeks, e.g. a block of Friday lunchtime walks, this works well for people whose schedule is busier at some times of year than others – working around school holidays, childcare commitments, or the finer weather, some people have done ongoing fortnightly walks taking occasional breaks for holidays – this might suit a few leaders working together, and helps to build up a consistent group and gives people the confidence to improve and come back even if they’ve missed a walk, as they know the group will be walking regularly – whatever the weather!

There are lots of benefits to walking outside – physical, social and mental health benefits – but there are also lots of reasons why some people struggle to get out walking, or find it difficult to get started. Walking with a small group can help people build the confidence they need to walk on their own and improve their health, it can also help combat loneliness in a time when we often don’t interact with our neighbours and communities the way we used to – walking groups are a great active way to bring communities together.

The training day is on:

1st April, 9:30-4:30 in Lerwick

it is completely free, and there are still spaces available.

Don't miss out - sign up by 24th March!

If you’d be interested in being a part of this project or attending the training day get in touch with Lauren or Lucy on 01595 807494 or shet-hb.healthyshetland@nhs.net.