Walk da Rock Step Count Challenge!

If you’re looking to have a more active summer, to get back out there, or give exercise a go for the first time there’s no better place to start than walking – if you’re looking for something a bit different to get you started and help motivate you to keep going, why not sign up to the Shetland Step Count Challenge?

When it comes to exercise anything is better than nothing, and walking for just 10 minutes at a time can have lots of health benefits – not just for your physical health and fitness, but for your mental health and wellbeing too.

We’ve teamed up with “World Walking” (see worldwalking.org for more info) to deliver a step count challenge exclusively for Shetland residents. This is for teams of up to five people and will last six weeks starting from the 1st July (a perfect summer holiday challenge!).

There is no age limit on the challenge and it is free to enter - we’d love to see families and communities getting involved. Every team will be different – don’t worry if you’re just getting started, the aim is to improve your own activity and fitness, you don’t have to keep up with everyone else!

Registration for the challenge opens on Monday 19th June.  All you need to do is visit http://shetland.bigteamchallenge.com, follow the onscreen instructions and invite members to your team.  The World Walking app can link up to your step count app (fitbit etc) to make putting your steps on easier, or you can type them in yourself online. If you don’t have a step counter but you know the distance you have walked you can put this in, or why not download a free step count app if you have a smart phone? There are lots of great pedometers (step counters) available online for less than £10.  Keep an eye on the Healthy Shetland Facebook page for regular updates and information about the challenge.

Note: if you really can’t afford a pedometer, and don’t have access to a smartphone to get a step count app, there are a very limited number of pedometers available to borrow from the Active Schools team on 01595 744006.