Walk da Rock 2019

After our successful Walk da Rock challenge in January 2018 we are delighted to let you know that we are teaming up with World Walking again to bring you our next local Step Count Challenge. 

The challenge will run for 6 weeks, starting at 9am on Monday 14th January and ending at 9am on Monday 25th February.  You can take part in the challenge in teams of up to 5 members.  To sign up all you have to do is visit;


Once you have registered you can invite members to join your team. The World Walking app can link up to your step count app (fitbit etc) to make putting your steps on easier, or you can type them in yourself online. If you don’t have a step counter but you know the distance you have walked you can put this in, or why not download a free step count app if you have a smart phone?  Please see our activity conversion chart here to be able to convert other activities you do into steps to ensure this can count towards your total.

When it comes to exercise anything is better than nothing, and walking for just 10 minutes can have lots of health benefits – not just for your physical health and fitness, but for your mental health and wellbeing too.   

From our last challenge participants told us that they enjoyed completing it as part of a team, used it as a reason to meet up with friends, felt more energetic as a result of it and used it as a motivate to keep walking – even in the winter!  So why not sign up and give it a try!

FAQ's can be found here.