There's no health without mental health...

Recovery from a mental health problem doesn't have to be about coming off medication or no longer having a diagnosis. Mental Health is often described as being on a continuum like this:

So you can still have good mental health when you have a mental illness, and you can equally have poor mental health but no mental illness. Most people move around the continuum at different times of their lives for all kinds of reasons. You can read mroe about Mental Health on our pages here and here.

There are lots of things you can do to protect or improve your mental health, and being aware and interested in how other people are feeling can help to protect their mental health too. You can read more about ways to protect your mental health and wellbeing in the Mental Health Foundation's "10 Ways to Look After your Mental Health". Many of these are similair to ways to look after your physical health - eating well, drinking plenty of water, staying active, drinking sensibly and getting enough sleep - have a look through our health topics if you need to know more about any of these.

Some of the tips may seem small, even insignificant, but people are often surprised about how much difference they make - doing things you're good at, keeping in touch, and caring for others can all give your mental health a boost. If you're not sure you believe it, why not give it a shot for a week and see how you get on?

As part of Scottish Mental Health Week we're teaming up with Mind Your Head and Samaritans to have a coffee morning in the Levenwick Hall, 10-12 on Saturday 10th October - come along for tea, coffee, fancies and a chat. A few folk are going for a walk beforehand for some fresh air and to earn their bit of cake (the stramp up any hill in Levenwick deserves a bit of cake!) - meeting at the hall at 9.30am, everyone welcome, dress for the weather! 

There will also be Health Walks on during the week - keep your eyes peeled on facebook and twitter for more info, or email us if you're not on facebook or twitter.

We'll also be highlighting a Random Act of Kindness each week day - do you know someone in need of a random act of kindness? Or could it be a personal challenge for you to achieve? (it's not always easy making the first move!) It doesn't have to be someone you know, strangers need kindness too.

Here are the 5 things we've come up with:

  1. Take someone out for a coffee
  2. Pay someone a compliment
  3. Help a neighbour
  4. Bake a cake for someone
  5. Do a favour without being asked

We'd love to hear how you get on - facebook, twitter or email us!