Suicide Prevention Awareness Week 2017

From 4th – 10th September 2017, National Suicide Prevention Awareness Week will be promoting the ‘Stop Saying I’m Fine If You’re Not’ roadshow across Shetland.  All week NHS Shetland and Mind Your Head will be visiting Licensed Premises talking to bar staff.

From Monday to Friday the Roadshow will promote the message ‘stop saying I’m fine if you’re not’.  The roadshow will travel all across Shetland to try and encourage people to speak up when they are having difficulties.  Karen Smith, Choose Life Coordinator, stated ‘The Roadshow aims to encourage everyone to be alert to the warning signs of suicide in people close to them. The message is ‘if you’re worried about someone, such as a friend, family member or workmate, ask them directly about their feelings – it could help to save their life’.   We are saying ‘it’s ok to ‘not be ok’ Sometimes people need to look for help.  In Shetland, for men in particular, this can be difficult and they don’t often ask for help.  ‘Stop saying I’m fine if you’re not’ aims to challenge this and provide an opportunity for men to speak and to highlight support services that are available in Shetland. 

On World Suicide Prevention Day, Sunday 10th Sept, a remembrance event will be held at Lerwick Town Hall from 7.30pm.  Across the world, at 8pm, candles will be lit in memory of those lost and affected by suicide.  Come along and join us or light a candle at home. Suicide Prevention is this week’s focus for mental health and well being month.