Sletts Footpath Improvements

Healthy Shetland were awarded funding last year to create a link path from the Lerwick Health Centre to the new Sletts path, and to create a shelter to make the path more attractive to a bigger range of people. 

Want to stop for a rest? Sit and have lunch? Have a quick chat? Have a sit and a think? We'll have a shelter (or more!) for that!

We know you get big health benefits from being close to nature - we want to make this beautiful bit of coast in town more accessible for everyone.

We've been given 3 different shelter options that come within our budget, and want to collect opinion on which might be the best option to pursue - whichever is chosen will still have to go through planning before anything goes ahead.

The funding was awarded to make the path more useable for hospital and health centre staff, patients, visitors and carers but we want it to work well for the community too. We see the shelters as being an extension of the "Sanctuary" area in the hospital in a way - giving folk somewhere to go to be nearby to the hospital when they need to be, but to get a break from the hospital environment. 

These are our three options in a nutshell:

The Yoal Shelters (Click title for full plan)

Reusing unused rowing boats from around the islands to create a series of shelters along the path (single or in groups of 2 or 3)     

The Shift Shelter (Click title for full plan)         

Inspired by the shape of a traditional broch, and the geological shifting patterns seen in Shetland this would be a single shelter at the junction with the new path behind the Lerwick Health Centre 

The Squeezebox Shelter (Click title for full plan)

A timber structure inspired by a squeezebox or accordion, with tall boards behind to frame the view. This would be a single shelter at the junction with the new path behind the Lerwick Health Centre


Important things to note

  • The funding was awarded for a path and shelter - we can't use it for anything else (we know there are a great many worthy causes within the NHS!)
  • These are 3 options within our budget - they would still have to go through the planning process

Voting now closed - thanks for all the feedback!