*New Counterweight Group starting soon*

There is a new Counterweight weight management group begining in Lerwick on Monday 15th August. Through Counterweight we focus on making healthy lifestyle changes to help you lose weight and keep it off. There are 6 educational sessions (one a fortnight) and 3 follow on group sessions to review your progress. The sessions will be held at Montfield, Burgh Road on Monday lunchtimes (with the exception of session 5 which will be held on a Tuesday lunchtime as the Monday falls on a Public Holiday). Full dates of the education sessions are below:

  • Session 1 - Mon 15th Aug 1pm-2pm
  • Session 2 - Mon 29th Aug 1pm-2pm
  • Session 3 - Mon12th Sept 1pm-2pm
  • Session 4 - Mon 26th Sept 1pm-2pm
  • Session 5 - Tues 11th Oct 1pm-2pm
  • Session 6 - Mon 24th Oct 1pm-2pm  

To gain the most benefit participants are encouraged to attend all the education sessions or arrange a catch up with the Health Improvement Practitioner if they have to miss a session. If you would be interested in joining the group or would like to have a chat to find out more please contact Jill to arrange a one to one screening appointment.