Interested in Dyslexia Support in Shetland?

Do you have dyslexia? Do you live or care for someone who does? Would you be interested in a local branch of Dyselxia Scotland which could offer information, support and advocacy? If you are interested in finding out more, go along to the initial meeting, in the upper cafe in Mareel, Monday 19th October at 7pm where a group of local friends will be trying to gather ideas and discuss what people want and need.

Dyslexia Scotland encourage and enable people with dyslexia, whatever their age or ability, to reach their potential. They do this by trying to make changes at a national and local level. Part of the success of Dyslexia Scotland is thanks to the work done through locally run, volunteer-led branches. There are branches across Scotland, from the Borders to the Isle of Lewis - but unfortunately not in Shetland or Orkney.

Graeme Howell, and a few of his friends, are hoping to change that:

"With a few friends we are exploring whether there is any interest in setting up a branch office of Dyslexia Scotland in Shetland.  There is currently no dedicated support network for people suffering from, or those caring for people with dyslexia in Shetland.  Dyslexia Scotland is a national advocacy and support organisation that has a network of volunteer run branches around Scotland who provide opportunities to meet up and raise awareness of dyslexia.

As someone who was diagnosed when I was around 7 or 8 who then received specialist schooling till secondary school I know the importance of ensuring that people with dyslexia are adequately supported to achieve their full potential and do not see their dyslexia as a limiting factor.

We are inviting everyone who may be interested in dyslexia to the upper cafe in Mareel at 7pm on Monday 19 October to meet others and discuss whether the establishment of a branch office in Shetland is a good idea.  Dyslexia Scotland are being very supportive."

Not sure how Dyslexia Scotland could help you? Why not take a look at their Success Stories from across Scotland, for an idea of the difference they have made in other people's lives.

Upper Cafe Mareel, Monday 19th October, 7pm