Get Active in the North Isles!

Fancy a runabout (or walkabout!) this Friday? Why not join in the North Isles 24 hour football challenge - there will be different categories throughout the day and night including juniors, ladies and walking football - a first for Shetland!

What better way to spend a Friday night?

Physical Activity is good for your body and mind - playing a team game can be even more beneficial, meeting new people, working together, teaching and learning from others. Why not give it a go - maybe there will be a walking football league in Shetland in the future?

A group of players will keep an indoor game going right around the clock to raise funds for the North Isles clubs. The event will start at 2pm on Friday 18th and run non-stop until 2pm on Saturday 19th September.

As many players as possible are required!  If you would like to take part in the challenge at some point please contact Brian Spence on

Spectators (and supporters!) are welcome. Please note that the centre will be closed to spectators during the night from 10.30pm to 7.00am and only those taking part in the event will be allowed in the building during this time.

Find more info on Facebook.