Cunningsburgh Walking and Cycling Routes

Stuck for something to blow those festive cobwebs away? Why not check out some of the walking/cycling routes the kids from the Cunningsburgh School have come up with. Their super flier has ideas for 5 different routes. Getting some fresh air over the festive can help burn off those Christmas treats and is a great mood booster too!

The project team came up with routes in Quarff, Fladdabister and Cunningsburgh, we were so impressed we wanted to share them, and might get out for a walk on one of the routes ourselves - great job, Cunningsburgh School!

Remember to look out for traffic, make sure you're visible and let someone know where you'll be walking and when you'll be back - stay safe on the roads when you are out and about - check out the flier below for more info,

Walk and cycle routes flier