Chair Based Exercise

We have an exciting opportunity this summer for volunteers to train as a Chair Based Exercise leader. This will involve learning to teach Chair Based exercises to older/frailer people – you will then be able to help us teach exercise to groups or individuals to improve their activity, health and wellbeing. Volunteers don't need any formal qualifications but they must be over 16 and have some experience working with older people or people with limited mobility.

Doing regular exercise improves physical fitness, mental wellbeing, boosts confidence and reduces the risks of many conditions. This is especially important for older people, to help maintain their independence.

This training is free and will take place in Lerwick on 23rd-25th July and 10th or 11th August – places are limited and will be allocated based on the needs of your local community.

Get in touch (email or call 807494 to speak to Lucy) to find out more!