Kindness and practical help for NHS Staff

During this difficult time, it's heart warming to see others coming together to offer NHS Staff support and comfort. Below we've compiled a list of kind gestures and discounts offered to NHS Staff by incredible businesses and individuals. Whether it be something to make your life a little easier or just put a smile on your face, it's amazing to see what we can do when we come together.

  • Tesco NHS Shopping Hour - 9-10am every Sunday - Tesco has offered an NHS employee slot for workers to shop at peace and ensure they get the supplies they need for the week ahead.
  • 6 Month MOT exemption 
  • Free nappies for NHS Employees 
  • Much much more - sign up to Health Service Discounts today for FREE
  • Shetland Scrubs - a community of Shetland sew-ers and helpers have got their scissors snipping, and sewing machines whirring to make much-needed scrubs for our frontline staff
  • Free access to various Wellbeing Apps for NHS staff until end of December 2020 - see Wellbeing page for a bit more info and individual links
  • Mindfulness - this free 7 day course will help you manage your anxieties and find your calm. 
  • A 7-day free mindfulness course Andy Smith has made available for NHS staff
  • HUGE thankyou to the crew of the Tranquility who very kindly donated fish to some of the hospital staff - keeping the front line well fed :)