Visiting Shetland? Brush up on the FACTS to keep Shetland safe and well

As lockdown eases and people start thinking about summer holidays a lot of people are looking to our shores for a 'staycation' - and why wouldn't they, Shetland has so much to offer! But with more people comes more risk, and we must not forget the risk from COVID-19 is still very real. While restrictions ease, now is the time to be more vigilant about the basic guidelines to keep yourself and others safe. The message from Public Health stays the same - the best way to stop the spread of the virus is with good hand hygiene, keeping your distance (physical distancing), isolating if you have symptoms (and getting a test ASAP), and wearing face coverings in enclosed places such as shops, public transport, etc.

PleaseĀ help us spread the message and keep Shetland safe by sticking to the guidance, and sharing our message on social media, or with anyone you know who is visiting.

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