Child and Adult Protection Key Messages


Child and Adult Protection Key Messages:

  • Child and Adult protection work will continue to be a priority for NHS Shetland.
  • This is a time when Children and Vulnerable Adults will be at greater risk due to the impacts of Early Learning, Childcare, School, Community support and business closures.
  • Family confinement and isolation alongside physical and psychological health impacts could be a trigger for abuse and neglect.
  • High stress home environment will increase the likelihood of domestic abuse.
  • The pandemic may be used by individuals or groups as an opportunity for criminal or sexual exploitation of children and Vulnerable Adults.
  • The ongoing support of a named person or first point of contact will be significant in supporting families and identifying risk, especially if the customary named person is not available.
  • For all children who are seen in A&E and are on Child Protection Register or Looked After Children and are told to self isolate, the relevant Social Worker will be informed of this situation by the Nurse Advisor Child and Adult Protection or appropriate staff member if out of hours.  This will ensure our multi agency colleagues are aware of situation that vulnerable children are in.
  • Child and Adult Protection referrals will be submitted and processed as normal.
  • Information sharing protocols will not change. Health background information will continue to be required when requested.
  • Case supervision will continue by telephone.
  • All Child and Adult Protection Training will cease, however, staff can continue to access prolearn/Turas to complete online learning

Stella Oldbury, Nurse Advisor Child and Adult Protection.

NHS Shetland