Self Care through Self Coaching - Leadership Links Webinar

Self Care Through Self Coaching - Leadership Links webinar with Dr Jeremy Hinks on 21 May at 12.30pm

Self-care is the process by which we choose to take care of ourselves: body, mind, and soul.  It makes perfect sense to self-care, doesn’t it?  Even so, we are often not very good at it.  Instead we choose to place responsibility for our care in the hands of others, or perhaps expect it to take care of itself!  

Who is this intended for?
Anyone who is curious about their own self-care and how being better at it might help them and those around them.

What will you get out of this webinar?

  • Some thoughts on what self-care and self-coaching mean
  • An opportunity for you to reflect on coaching and the strengths and limitations of coaching  yourself
  • Some simple coaching strategies to apply to your own wider self-care regimen


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