Public Holiday - Monday 13th April

Quick reminder that there is  a Public Holiday scheduled for this coming Monday (13th April) - we know you probably won’t be using your long weekend exactly as you’d have planned, with all the restrictions in place, but this is a really well-timed break so please take it if at all possible. Take it as an opportunity to relax and recharge.

Whether you feel like you’re taking the changes in your stride, keeping up with the uncertainty, thriving on the stress; or feel overwhelmed and anxious; whatever your response to stress it’s important to take a break – this isn’t going to be over by the end of next week, we need everyone to stay well. 

If you're not able to take Monday off still take a moment to take stock - look at your working week, is it sustainable? Are you looking after yourself? Noone can work long hours, day-in-day-out without adequate breaks and rest - you have a responsibility to yourself, and to your team to take a break and stay well - some helpful reminders here from Guy's and St Thomas':