Payroll Services Update

Payroll Services

Interim contact arrangements will now be in place for the HR Service Centre team that provides Payroll, Central Rostering administration/SSTS, Expenses, Car Leasing and Maternity Leave administration services. Email communication is strongly encouraged and is therefore the preferred option. Please use the appropriate generic email account. If your need to contact us is urgent and cannot be done by email then please telephone the generic help desk number.



Generic email account

Helpdesk number


01224 556512 or ext. 56512 and

01224 556127 or ext. 56127

Central Rostering/SSTS

01224 556421, or ext. 56421

Car Leasing & Expenses 


01224 556545 or ext. 56545

Maternity Leave administration

01224 556435 or ext. 56435

Before contacting any of the HR Service Centre teams please check the intranet site to ascertain if the information you require is contained there.   

The HR Service Centre teams will endeavour to deal with all queries within 1 working day. However this may not always be possible as the teams are now a mixture of office and home based as well as working a range of different hours to ensure that our complete focus is continuing to pay NHS Shetland staff.

Please do not contact HR Service Centre staff directly as their emails and telephones will not be answered.