NHS Shetland move from Learn PRO to TURAS - what you need to know

As of 9th April 2020, NHS Shetland’s account with LearnPro came to an end and Turas Learn is now hosting our e-learning modules, this supports the ‘once for all’ project being undertaken by NHS Scotland. This was planned work that we hoped to have a big opening with, unfortunately the transfer fell just as the team physically transformed due to COVID19, so things didn’t go quite to plan. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


What you need to know:

Work has been done with NES to utilise TURAS Learn for our e-learning needs as well as the face to face training deliveries.  Having a TURAS account means you only need one password to access Learn and, where applicable, Appraisal, ePortfolio, Project LIFT and a host of other applications that are used by various staff.

All existing NHS staff under the ‘Agenda for Change’ terms and condition will have a TURAS account (for TURAS Appraisal) and therefore a TURAS Learn account.  If you don’t have an account, you can register via https://turasdashboard.nes.nhs.scot/ (Just remember to put NHS Shetland as your ‘Primary Organisation’, otherwise you won’t be able to see the courses run by NHS Shetland!). 


What’s happened to my learning history? Staff Development have downloaded everybody’s training record into an Excel spreadsheet. To save you time please contact Staff Development (shet-hb.staffdevelopment@nhs.net) as and when you need your Learnpro learning history and we will endeavour to send that to you.


**Please Note: Blood Transfusion Modules vie eLfH (eLearning for Healthcare)**

These modules are now available from the eLearning for Healthcare website from NHS England who have agreed to allow us to access their learning material.  https://www.e-lfh.org.uk/ 

A number of staff have already been sent login details from HEE or Health Education England.  Any member of staff who requires to complete a blood transfusion module can self register.

The blood transfusions modules can be found here... https://portal.e-lfh.org.uk/myElearning/Index?HierarchyId=0_77&programmeId=77 (login required)


Help with TURAS

If you have any queries regarding Turas can you please use the green helpdesk tab on the Turas screen (see image below), that way more than one person from Staff Development will be able to see and act upon any issues and hopefully get thing sorted quicker.

For help or assistance from Staff Development about non-TURAS queries please use the department's email shet-hb.staffdevelopment@nhs.net

Best wishes

The Staff Development Team