Near Me - clinician video clips

The NHS National Services Scotland team are looking for short video clips from clinicians (for social media) from across Scotland outlining their experiences with using Near Me, in the hope to encourage uptake. Read on for more info if you'd be interested in submitting something.

General Guidance:

  1. You can film using a smartphone or tablet
  2. Please film in the landscape view rather than portrait
  3. If you have an external microphone to plug into the device, please use it to improve sound quality (don’t worry if you don’t have one)
  4. Take the film of your head and shoulders to save you having to think too much about the background
  5. Don’t stand too far from the device as it reduces sound quality
  6. Try to avoid any background noise
  7. Run the video recording for 10 seconds before you start speaking and at the end to allow for editing – starting to speak as soon as the film starts recording can mean losing the first word or two. The extra time will be cut out
  8. Aim for a film of approximately 1 minute, and no more than 2 minutes. The idea is for it to be short, snappy and usable on social media

Format for video:

  1. Introduce yourself, eg, “My name is XXX and I’m a [role] at [NHS board]”
  2. Explain: How are you using Near Me in your clinical practice?
  3. Explain: What are the benefits of using Near Me to you and your patients?

How to submit:

  1. Please email stating your consent to use the film to raise awareness of Near Me online, including social media and at events (eg, webinars)
  2. Please upload the film to Dropbox at this link:
  3. If you have any problems with Dropbox, please contact