Message from the PPE Coordinator

Dear All,


Thank you to everyone who has engaged with the PPE team so far. We are very proud to have been able to manage our stock so efficiently on island. Your ongoing feedback and involvement has been crucial to that success and means we have managed to create a degree of stability and resilience with regards to our PPE stock.


We are now able to make following changes to the department:


1) As of Saturday the 9th of May the PPE hospital store (located in the Physio Gym) will be open from 9am to 5pm. Not 8am to 8pm as previously.


2) As of Monday the 18th of May the PPE store will not be open on weekends and will be staffed from Monday to Friday only.


What we will do to ensure this works:


1) We will move our hospital department PPE stock checks to once a week. These will take place on a Wednesday.


2) We will make a proactive effort to stock the wards with ample stock every Thursday.


3) We will remain available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm to deal with any questions and release additional stock where appropriate. The PPE support line will be staffed during these periods Ext 3618.


What you need to do:


1) Please continue to monitor your department stock of PPE and inform the PPE team as soon as you notice any items running low. Please make an extra effort to do this on a Friday as the store will no longer be staffed over the weekend. The PPE team can be contacted on extension 3618


2) Please inform the PPE team of any planned changes in clinical activity within your department. Many of the PPE items in use are being very closely monitored locally and nationally. Any changes to proposed use must be considered when planning department recovery. The PPE team must be informed to allow feedback to Scottish Government and to plan for future demand.


3) If your service is not hospital based then please continue to complete the weekly request and return paperwork as normal and be aware of the new times for the PPE Support line.



Thank you again for you engagement with the PPE team. It has been a pleasure working with you over the last 5 weeks and we look forward to continuing that relationship.


Kind Regards,


Andy Kinnear

PPE Coordinator