Message from the Deployment and Volunteer Team

Message from the Deployment and Volunteer Team

We would first of all like to thank all the staff that have volunteered to be deployed within the Board, we have had a tremendous response and have been able to deploy most staff.  As a result, our capacity has now dropped and we are requesting any additional staff you may be able to offer.

We also still have a few current demands left to fill. This includes demand to support Medical Administration in the Hospital.  Ideally we are looking for staff who have good IT skills, including excel and Communication skills for a customer and/or staff facing service.

All staff will be provided with a local induction in the area they are deployed to and there will be ongoing support in place from the team.  We also understand that they might be required to return to their current team at any point as we appreciate demands change and that is fine.

Here’s what to do if you have staff you are able to offer:

  1.     Telephone 3606 or 3081. We will have a conversation with you and take the information we need to allow us to make an effective deployment.

Here’s what to if you need a supply of staff to support one or several shifts:

  1.     Telephone 3606 or 3081. We will have a conversation with you about your needs and process your request as soon as possible. We will look to skills match as close as we possibly can in the area that you need. We will take details about your current gaps, but if you feel you need to speak to us about possible future gaps please contact us on the same numbers.
  2.     If there is additional information needed, i.e. a risk assessment form, we will support you to do that.

Thanks again for your ongoing support.

Stay Safe

The Deployment and Volunteer Team