Local Coronavirus Support Hub


10 April 2020

Support for those at highest risk from Coronavirus

A new Shetland Coronavirus Support Hub is being set up to provide support and essential information to the most vulnerable people in Shetland during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

Those people in Shetland identified as being most at risk from Coronavirus have begun to receive letters from the Scottish Government, advising them to self-isolate for twelve weeks. A range of support is being provided at both national and local level for those considered at very high risk, including the delivery of medication and, if required, food supplies.

Everyone who is sent a letter from the Scottish Government is being contacted initially by their local GP practice. Recipients and their families will also be able to contact the Shetland Coronavirus Support Hub via a Freephone number 0800 030 8780, or by email covid19support@shetland.gov.uk to access vital support and assistance.

The Coronavirus Support Hub will initially be available to anyone identified as being most at risk from the Coronavirus. It is hoped that the Support Hub will develop and expand over the next few weeks to provide essential information and support to a wider group of people as the demand and need for the service is better understood.

Council Leader Steven Coutts: “We are aware that a number of people in Shetland have already received their letter, and more are on the way. It contains a wide range of advice and contact details for organisations and services which will support those who need to isolate for twelve weeks, and I’d like to reassure everyone that an enormous amount of work is going into providing any support they may need.

“It may take time for teams to contact all recipients, so if you or a family member receive a letter, please don’t hesitate to use the Freephone number for the Shetland Coronavirus Support Hub if you have any unanswered questions or are in need of urgent advice – your call will go directly to a local team in Community Health & Social Care who can guide you through the process.”