Information Governance

Dear Colleague,

Access to accurate information and effective communication is essential in the current situation. 

IT, Information Services and Information Governance staff are working hard to ensure you have access to the information you need to provide safe and effective patient care and to manage the demands being faced by the organisation

In response to this rapidly changing environment the Government and Information Commissioner have acknowledged that we need to work in different ways from usual and the focus should be what information you share and who you share it with, rather than how you share it.

Practical advice on some of the tools you can use to support individual care, share information and communicate with colleagues during this time is available at

Links to this information are also available on the NHS Shetland Information Governance pages at:

As noted in the guidance, these exceptional times change how we share sensitive and confidential information – it does not change our responsibility to hold the information entrusted to us in the strictest confidence and to only access the information we are authorised to access

During this time the Information Governance Team continues to monitor access to our systems and we are available to offer guidance and support for anyone who has questions or concerns about the protection of patient and staff privacy.

With our thanks and appreciation as we work together to continue to deliver safe and professional services for our community.

Brian Chittick, Caldicott Guardian

David Morgan, Data Protection Officer​