Health Impact Assessment of Social Distancing Measures - an interesting read from the BMJ

A rapid Health Impact Assessment of the wider health impacts of physical distancing measures has been undertaken by Dr.Margaret Douglas (Scottish Health Inequalities Impact Assessment Network Chair) and Public Health Scotland colleagues. Available here 'Mitigating the wider health effects of covid-19 pandemic response' argues that health inequalities are likely to widen without action to support those most vulnerable to the economic and other effects of social distancing measures, with these key messages:

  • Social distancing measures to control the spread of covid-19 are likely to have large effects on health and health inequalities

  • These effects have numerous mechanisms, including economic, social, health related behaviours, and disruption to services and education

  • People on low incomes are most vulnerable to the adverse effects

  • Substantial mitigation measures are needed in the short and long term


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