Gender Based Violence (GBV) and Domestic Abuse Infographic and Video Resources

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‘Launched today is a new resource for Health & Social Care staff to support women at risk of gender based violence.  

The stay at home messaging which is a large part of our fight against COVID 19 will pose a challenge in particular for women at risk of gender based violence (GBV) including domestic abuse.  1 in 4 women may experience domestic abuse & this may increase during  COVID pandemic.  The opportunity for this crime to take place increases & opportunity for women to seek help or remove themselves from abuse situation may be limited.  Face to face consultations have reduced nevertheless staff across Health and Social care are well placed to identify and support women and girls at risk of GBV.  Staff in  Health & Social care may have less experience of identifying abuse during  phone consultations. This resource was developed by Dr Sue Brechin a Consultant in Sexual & Reproductive Health , NHS Fife and a Scottish Quality & Safety Fellow   in consultation with Scottish Women’s Aid, GBV leads and Public Health Scotland  to support staff support women during lockdown.  The resource aims to provide some guidance on making telephone consultations safe and provide opportunity to make sure women are safe at home.  The videos produced by Open Change.’ 

The full video (nearly 7 minutes) is available here:

Please watch the full video if you possibly can, if you can't there is a 2 minute editted version here:

More resources including the infographics used in the video are available on TURAS 

Local support is available through the Shetland branch of Women's Aid - this is their statement of service provision which has changed due to the pandemic:

Shetland Women's Aid

 Shetland Women's Aid office is closed due to COVID-19.  We are still available via the following:



Telephone:                           (01595) 692070

Mobiles:                               07867 300 565 / 07810 796 556

Phone calls/texts will be answered as soon as possible – generally staff will be available 9-12 every weekday.               01744 743 200

Scottish Domestic Abuse & Forced Marriage Helpline 24 hour:   0800 027 1234

In an emergency please do not hesitate to call the Police on 999.