FREE Training Opportunities

Thanks to our local Alocohl and Drug Partnership for sharing - these online courses are free and anyone is welcome to register. The knowledge, skills and experience gained is relevant to many professions and not confined to those working in the field of alcohol or other drugs.

The Scottish Drugs Forum have been busy setting up remote training options and the following dates are now available for booking. These can be booked directly at All of the training sessions have an e-learning component that must be completed prior to the course.

The dates are as follows:

Staying Alive:

  • 1st June am
  • 10th June am
  • 15th June pm

Introduction to Motivational Interviewing:

  • 2nd-3rd June am
  • 11th-12th June pm
  • 22nd-23rd June am

Everyone has a Story – Children Affected by Parental Substance Use:

  • 8th-9th June am
  • 16th-17th June am
  • 25th-26th June am

The am sessions are 0930 – 1300 and the pm sessions are 1300-1630