Everyone Matters Pulse Survey for all NHS and Community Health and Social Care Staff (1st-22nd September)

This year the Scottish Government are introducing a national Everyone Matters Pulse Survey as the staff experience measurement for 2020, and NHS Shetland and the SCI are keen for as many staff as possible to take part to represent Shetland's Health and Social Care staff experience to let the Scottish Government know how we are doing, but also to produce meaningful feedback for us to act on locally to try and make things better.

This will enable a meaningful opportunity for staff to express their views, whilst appreciating that Health and Social Care are still in recovery and have significant work to do.   The Everyone Matters Pulse Survey will form one element of our staff experience measurement over the next 15 months, with outcomes used to inform health and well-being, culture, dignity at work and work on equalities, diversity and inclusion programmes. 

The full iMatter Staff Experience Measure will then be reintroduced in 2021, subject to the evolving picture of Covid-19.

The survey will take around 10 minutes to complete - you'll have a link emailed directly to your work email that will let you take part in the survey, your responses are anonymous and confidential - they can't be traced back to you through the link. The Survey will run from 1st to 22nd September.

Everyone Matters Pulse Survey Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of this survey?

This survey is designed to better understand how you are feeling now and to find out about your experiences over recent months, both in the workplace and beyond. With your results, we hope to be better able to support you now and in the future.
We want to ensure that you are treated fairly and consistently with dignity and respect.

Why should I participate?

The survey enables staff to express their views and your views are very important. The survey results are used to inform wider staff experience, health and well-being, culture, dignity at work and work on equalities, diversity and inclusion programmes. 

I have already completed an iMatter survey. Do I need to complete this survey as well?

Yes, this survey gives you the opportunity to tell us about your experience during the COVID period.

What questions will be asked?

The survey asks four questions taken from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) Personal Wellbeing Questions, followed by 9 questions from the existing iMatter survey that deal with staff experience of the workplace, including whether they feel supported and included.  The survey also asks 2 qualitative questions inviting staff to describe what is most worrying them and what is supporting them, followed by 2 short questions about the work environment; finally the survey asks a suite of demographic questions, to allow us to analyse how/whether staff across the service have been differentially impacted by Covid-19. 

Do I have to answer the questions about my gender, ethnicity, disability etc?     

The organisation is committed to ensure that no member of staff is unfairly discriminated against whilst at work. This section helps us to look for any trends or patterns which might be cause for concern. Your responses will not be tracked back to you.

Do I have to answer all of the questions?                                                                         

The first two sections that ask about ‘Your Well-being’ and ‘Experience at work over the COVID period’ have to be answered. You can choose to answer all, some or none of the other  questions.

How long will it take to complete the survey?

The survey is likely to take around 10  minutes to complete.

How long will the survey run for? 

The survey will run for three weeks from 1 or 2 September (depending on your Board)   until 5 pm on 22 or 23 September 2020.

Are my responses confidential?

Yes. No-one will be able to identify your response.

Will the survey be online or paper?

The survey is available both online, SMS and as a paper version. You’ll be invited to complete the survey in the same way as you completed your iMatter survey. You will submit your online survey directly to Webropol or post your paper survey directly to Webropol.

I completed the iMatter survey online. Can I request a paper copy of the Everyone Matters Pulse Survey?

Should you wish to complete the survey in a different format to your iMatter survey, you must tell your manager before 27 August 2020.

How do I get my invite to complete the survey?

You will receive a link by email or SMS or your manager will give you a paper copy and a pre-paid envelope to post your completed survey directly to Webropol.

What if I haven’t received an invitation to participate in the survey?

You should advise your manager who will be able to arrange for the survey to be issued to you.

When do I need to post my completed paper survey?

You should post this by 23 September 2020 to allow for postage timescales. They will be accepted until 30 September 2020 .

The paper survey has a QR code on it. Can this be used to identify me? 

The QR code is a unique identifier which is used by the Webropol IT System only and will not be used to identify you.

Please do not write or draw over the QR code as this will invalidate your survey response for inclusion in the results.  

Does this replace iMatter? 

Yes for 2020 only and iMatter will re-commence in 2021 with reporting to team level.

Who will be able to see the survey results?

All staff and Scottish Government will receive the published reports. National level results will be published in the Everyone Matters Pulse survey 2020 Report.

No team reports will be produced.

When will the results be available?

Reports are expected to be available in October and November 2020 .

How will the results be used?

In the same way as other surveys, Organisations are expected to take action on the issues presented to them to support ongoing continuous improvement.

Will survey results be discussed at team level?

Results will not be available at team level however your team is encouraged to discuss Organisation and Directorate results.

Where can I access information and support?

The National Wellbeing Hub, the National Wellbeing Helpline For Staff and the Samaritans are there to support all health and social care staff, offering a range of resources to support physical and mental health.

National Wellbeing Hub www.promis.scot

National Wellbeing Helpline For Staff 0800 111 4191

24 hour / emergency services: Samaritans call free on 116 123 / https://www.samaritans.org/