1. ePayroll is accessed through the same system as eExpenses and SSTS (URL below). If you don’t have a log-in or access to ePayroll please contact our Payroll Team on nhsg.shetlandpayroll@nhs.net and ask to be set up.


https://workforce.mhs.scot.nhs.uk/eYou/Authentication/Login.aspx (only accessible on intranet/no network)


  1. If you have access you go to the ‘self service’ menu in ePayroll then select ‘Pay History’ from the options on the left. From here you should be able to ‘opt in’ for ePayslips which will put a stop to paper payslips being printed. Further instructions on the system can be found below (Page 9).

ePayroll Self Service Guide (available on intranet/network)


  • Unfortunately the ePayroll system can only be accessed from the NHS network so you can’t access from home (unless you have been set up for home working). However, if you have access to a PC at work you can download the payslips in PDF format and email them to your home computer.
  • The system holds a record of all past payslips and P60s etc so you will always have easy access to these documents when required.
  • Most banks will accept ePayslips when applying for mortgages etc. If you have any problems your line manager of a member of the Finance Team can sign and verify the ePayslips.
  • ePayslips are available earlier than the hard copies. They are usually available to view two days before pay day.
  • There is an App in use across NHS England that allows staff to view their payslips from anywhere on smart phones, tablets or PCs. This will hopefully be available in Scotland soon although no timeframe is known at present.