Email is changing - steps to get ready

During August, NHS Shetland will start the process of migrating from NHS Mail to Office365 and the e-mail address currently used by staff will change. 

This change is being rolled out in NHS Boards across Scotland with a different implementation date for each board. 

At the end of the migration, scheduled for early October, your new email address will, in principle, match the following format: 

firstname.surname(number if necessary) 

If you have been using Teams, then you will already have your new email address – and this is the one that will now become your main address. 

You will be provided with the exact format of your new email address ahead of the migration and every effort will be to match your name with your existing format. 

It is very important that you now carry out housekeeping on your current email account. This is so your current mailbox can be migrated to the new email system, Exchange Online. 

If your current mailbox is too big, it will not successfully migrate into the new system.  

Your mailbox must contain no more than 2GB of data, prior to migration.  

The good news is your new email address will be part of the Office 365 Exchange Online mailbox, which will integrate and synchronise with the rest of the Office 365 suite, including Teams.  

This means your new email address will synchronise with your Outlook email and calendar. This will allow you to seamlessly carry out tasks across the Office suite, like setting up Teams meetings from your calendar and viewing your appointments in Teams. 

To prepare, and quickly and smoothly benefit from your new integrated O365 email, there are a few basic email house-keeping steps you need to take: 

  • Delete old or redundant emails, eg any that do not need to migrate to the new service;  
  • Delete redundant calendar appointments;  
  • Delete out-of-date contacts;  
  • Delete files that you no longer require; 
  • Maintain distribution lists;  
  • Take note of any delegation or permissions you have on shared mailboxes or other people’s mailboxes.  

Please consider how you will prepare for the email address change and think of all the places where current addresses might be publicised and prepare for updating. 

We are aware that this will be an inconvenience – for some people, a huge inconvenience. We ask that you embrace this as an opportunity to do some digital housekeeping and to further expand your knowledge of this evolving and improving software. 

More information will be coming out as the project progresses.