Do I need another FFP3 mask fitted?

Mask fit testing is now held in DENTAL SUITE, NR OUTPATIENTS, GBH

FFP3 masks are your last line of defence against aerosolised particles when performing aerosol generating procedures. Stocks of masks fluctuate.

It is vital that staff have access to a wide range of mask types to ensure there is always one there for you when you need it most.



  • If you work in front-facing patient care in hospital and:
    • have been tested on 1 or 2 different masks already - then YES you do.
      • OR
    • you are a new member of staff or returning to work - then YES you do.


  • If you are a physiotherapist or other profession tested on 1 or 2 masks already and you are providing treatment to patients in the wards or RCU - then YES you do


How to make an appointment

Appointments are available from 0930-1630 every weekday Call into the Dental suite, next to Outpatients and ask a member of the testing team

Or:  email Julie Redpath


If you think you might need a mask but are not sure

- email OR Jed Westmoreland for advice.