COVID-19 Framework for Decision Making

For the attention of all staff, sent on behalf of Michael Dickson, Chief Executive

The Scottish Government has today published a COVID-19 Framework for Decision Making which you can read at:

This document reflects on the current position with COVID-19 and outlines how the next steps will be determined to constrain the spread of the virus while minimising harm. It stresses how the Scottish Government approach to unlocking will be based on evidence to enable decisions to be made, and also that any changes to lift the current restrictions may need to be reversed if the desired outcomes are not achieved. Whilst it is hoped that scientific advances such as treatments and a vaccine will provide solutions in the longer term, the framework considers how we might continue to suppress and minimise COVID-19 harms in the more immediate future while restoring some semblance of normality to our everyday lives. The needs of rural communities such as ours are a consideration for the Scottish Government and our uniqueness is a consideration in how changes will be adopted.

For us right now it means no change in our plans and measures. We will continue to pursue our actions, including focusing on the needs of our community wherever that may be, and ensuring our services are well prepared. As the Scottish Government makes decisions based on the evidence we will continue to communicate widely about what that means for both NHS Shetland and the community as a whole.