Coronavirus Life Assurance Scheme 2020

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Scottish Ministers have introduced an NHS Scotland temporary life assurance scheme.  The Scheme Rules and details of the applications process have now been published on the Scottish Public Pensions Agency website. 

Scottish Ministers have established a special temporary scheme that provides a lump sum and survivors benefits upon the death in service for relevant persons working for, or providing services on behalf of, an NHS Scotland Health Board, Special Health Board, NHS National Services Scotland (Common Services Agency) and Healthcare Improvement Scotland who do not otherwise have equivalent life assurance cover provided through NHS Pension Scheme membership, where COVID-19 is a documented factor in their death and where they have been working in clinical environments where it may reasonably be concluded that they contracted the disease in the course of performing their duties.

Full details of this scheme, including scheme rules and application form can be found at the following link:

The scheme has a retrospective commencement date of 17 March 2020.  It is envisaged that the scheme will remain in place for the duration of the period in which NHS Scotland is placed on an emergency footing; the scheme may be amended or withdrawn at any time by the Scottish Ministers.