Community Health and Social Care Director Arrangements

To all staff: for information


Sent on behalf of Michael Dickson, Chief Executive NHS Shetland and Maggie Sandison, Chief Executive Shetland Islands Council                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


We are pleased to let you know we have now agreed revised management arrangements for Community Health and Social Care for the next 11 months during Simon Bokor-Ingram’s secondment to Moray’s Health and Social Care Partnership. In such a challenging period caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we recognise the need to strengthen the management team for the directorate. We have therefore agreed:


  •          Brian Chittick will assume the role of Director of Community Health and Social Care once our new Medical Director Kirsty Brightwell joins us in July (and will officially take up this post on Monday 13th July). As the Interim Medical Director Brian has played a critical role in our response to the pandemic to date, and the continuity of strategic direction this secondment will provide is really positive for both organisations.
  •          Jo Robinson will take on a deputy role specifically established as part of our response during this period. Jo has been doing an excellent job covering since Simon’s departure, and we are keen her familiarity with services and extensive knowledge of SIC and NHS procedures is retained.
  •          Arrangements are being made to cover the Dental Director role while Brian holds the Director of Community Health and Social Care role.  


The two appointments have been made in this manner due to the significant challenges facing Shetland at this time and the important role our health and care partnership plays in responding to the pandemic. These positions will be reviewed again towards the end of Simon’s secondment.