Citizens Advice Bureau Referral Form

Copy of form here - contact details for Citizens Advice Scotland (national support) and Citizens Advice Shetland (local support) below:

Hi all

I am getting in touch to let you know that Shetland CAB has reviewed its referral form and made some changes to try to ensure that vulnerable people get the support they need.

The updated form is attached and the changes are:

1.We have added space to record email addresses.

2.We have added “support worker” to the list of people who could be identified as the client’s third party, meaning that the support worker would be copied into correspondence with the client or could be contacted about progressing the client’s case

3.We have also added an additional line to the consent statement which would allow us to report back to the referring agency if we could not make contact with the client. You will need to give the client the 3 options as they may not consent to all.

Could you please use this form from now on.

As you hopefully know, although the CAB office is closed, we are offering a full service through staff working from home and advising clients remotely. As our advisers are phoning from their own phones, our calls show up as “number withheld” with the result that clients do not always pick up. If you could let folk you are referring know that calls from CAB will show as number withheld that would be helpful.

If anyone would like to discuss this form or any aspect of CAB support, please get in touch with Karen Eunson, Bureau Manager, on 01595 743939 or

Client referrals should be put to the advice email



Karen Eunson

Bureau Manager