Annual Leave

It is becoming apparent during the pandemic that annual leave is being cancelled by staff for a number of reasons.

Whilst we know you can't do anything too far-reaching on annual leave just now, it is really important that you take your planned leave as some essential rest and downtime away from work. Looking after your physical and mental health is truly important and we want you to have every opportunity to do this.

You should not cancel leave unless you are asked to do this by your line manager. That conversation should only take place based on the individual circumstances of your current work commitments. Not only is this important for you as an individual but also for us all as an organisation - we need to sustain ourselves for the weeks and months ahead, and will not be able to do this if we all have large amounts of annual leave built up across the system.

You might not have all your usual coping strategies available to help you make the most of your rest time, but that time and space is still really important to maintain your resilience and protect your emotional wellbeing - if you have any queries or concerns please do speak to your line-manager.