Accessing IT Services

Subject:     Information to help make best use of IT services

To:              All Staff

When making requests for IT services such as technical support, requests for equipment, requests for access to systems, please ensure this is done via the IT Service Desk and not by direct requests to IT staff.

This ensures all requests are centrally recorded, allows appropriate prioritisation of need and provides you with assurance that your problem/request is being addressed.

You can access the IT Service Desk in a number of ways as detailed below.  However in order to maximise available resources and work as efficiently as possible, the best ways to access services are ranked in order of expedience:

  1.      Use the Service Desk Portal http://shb-sd:8080/assystnet/#homepage
  2.      E-mail
  3.      Phone 01595 744777

Below are direct links to various services on the Portal for your convenience…

SUPPORT (When something that used to work no longer does)



SERVICE REQUESTS (To request something new or a change to something existing)

User Access requests (new user, amend user, leaver)


IT Equipment such as PC, Monitor, Printer, Scanner, Headset, Landline Telephone


VPN Token for remote working (and laptop if required)


Mobile Phone


All other service requests can be logged here


Thank you for your anticipated cooperation during this extremely busy period.

Best regards

Craig Chapman

Head of IM&T & eHealth

NHS Shetland