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Information, advice and guidance more relevant to line-managers

My staff are working from home - do I need to do anything?

I need to approve/sign a document, what do I do?

  • Approving Documents/Digital Signatures

    As many staff are now working from home it may be difficult to sign a variety of documents such as invoices, DRFs, Special Indents etc.

    Most systems such as PECOS, eAuthoriser, SSTS, eExpenses etc are already set up with electronic approval so these should remain the default options.

    However, for the occasions where you would normally physically sign a document please note that an email from an approved signatory’s NHS mail account can also act as formal approval. NHS emails from the budget holder’s account is accepted as a digital signature similar to how the eAuthoriser process works.

    If you have any queries on this please contact Karl Williamson in Finance.


Someone in my team is self-isolating becuase of their, or a household members symptoms - should they be tested?

  • Local guidance for line-managers on staff and household member testing is available on the NHS Shetland Occupational Health Intranet Page under the COVID-19 tab, heads of department received this information via email - if you cannot access the intranet check back in your emails.
  • Remember to report absence and self-isolation details to HR on this sickness reporting template, return to  

Someone in my team is struggling with childcare - what should they do?

I need a supply of staff to support one or several shifts

  • Telephone 01595 743606 or 01595 743081. We will have a conversation with you about your needs and process your request as soon as possible. We will look to skills match as close as we possibly can in the area that you need. We will take details about your current gaps, but if you feel you need to speak to us about possible future gaps please contact us on the same numbers.

  • If there is additional information needed, i.e. a risk assessment form, we will support you to do that.

I have staff I am able to offer and redeploy for one or several shifts

  • Telephone 01595 743606 or 01595 743081. We will have a conversation with you and take the information we need to allow us to make an effective deployment.

I have a query around payroll/expenses/maternity leave etc - contact the HR services tema in Grampian (by email if at all possible) contact details here

My staff need to travel by ferry in the course of their work - see links to new process and info on how bookings are affected here.