The information on this site relating to COVID-19 is no longer being kept up-to-date.
For the latest information on COVID-19 in Shetland, please visit:

Want to help?

We know everyone wants t do their bit, but sometimes it's hard to know how best to help.

As ever the community in Shetland is doing an incredible job of pulling together in the effort to "flatten the curve", protecting those who are most vulnerable and helping protect health and social care service capacity by following all the latest guidance - regular effective handwashing, staying at home, social distancing, isolation and shielding where appropriate (more info on these from NHS Inform). But what it you want to do more? There's something for everyone when it comes to volunteering to help the cause.

Visit Ready Scotland to find out more, visit the local community page Shetland Together, or join the facebook group to offer, or ask, for help.

There are lots of practical ways you can help other people - form picking up shopping or prescriptions, taking out bins, phoning to check on someone, or phoning to talk them through getting set up on Skype to keep in touch - every little helps, feeling connected can mean the world to someone who is feeling worried, anxious or alone. Don't just check on folk you know well - that person who keeps themselves to themselves, maybe doesn't have many friends or family? You could make a big difference to them by reaching out at a time like this.