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Shetland Scrubs

**UPDATE - We are so grateful for everyone's hard work and creativity - please note at the moment we can ONLY accept scrubs and can't use other homemade items of PPE etc due to strict infection control standards**

Downloadable patterns are back! With a HUGE thanks to Anne Smith for making them, and Art Machine for putting them together.

Our amazing Shetland community have been coming together to make scrubs for our front line workers working in the hospital with any Covid-19 cases. The scrubs are being made to allow our incredible staff to be able to leave their scubs at work to be washed, minimising the risk of any further contimation as they head home. 

If you're not so handy with the sewing but have some old bed sheets lying around, we have donation bins sitting outside Montfield to collect fabric to be made into scrubs. Our keen sewers in the community can then pick up the material and patterns and make them into scrubs at home. Once made, we have a donation bin also sitting outside Montfield to drop your scrubs back into. You can also get the patterns emailed to your home by messaging our facebook page. 

The response we've had to the scrubs have been INCREDIBLE and we are loving the designs coming through - from some beautiful checked tunics to an all over One Direction outfit, we're going to have the trendiest workforce in the UK! 

You can find us on facebook here - 

From everyone at NHS Shetland, we thank you all in the community for your help and support through this time. 


Scrubs TOP Instructions and homeprinting pattern

Scrubs BOTTOMS Instructions and homeprinting pattern