A lot of changes happen between being a child and being an adult - changes in the body and the brain. Growing up can be exciting - but it isn't always easy.

Changes in the brain can mean changes in personality, behaviour and feelings. This can be confusing and worrying for teens and their families, but it is a normal part of growing up.

At the same time as all these brain and body changes there can be lots of stresses and pressures to deal with - school exams, starting work, leaving home, making friends, new responsibilities, and lots more.

For practical advice and information about building good mental health and advice about different troubling behaviours visit Hands on Scotland.

Looking after your health as a teen can make coping with these things easier. We have an overview of some topics here - or you can visit The Lowdown for a more in-depth guide to everything related to teenage health.

Take a look at the new Wellbeing for Young Scots website. This website is about you and your wellbeing.

Healthy eating, exercise and looking after your mental health are all important - we also have some information on:

If you need to speak to someone about anything at all there are a few different options. You could call The Samaritans on 08457 909090, visit Childline to chat online or call 0800 1111. They have information on loads of different topics, and message boards where you can get support from other young people.

If you have any worries about Mental Health and Wellbeing you could call Breathing Space on 0800 838587, or visit YoungMinds for more information - YoungMinds have a helpline for parents, 0808 802 5544, or visit any of the pages in our "Useful Links".


Internet Safety

The internet can be used for all sorts from socialising to studing, it's important you can both have fun and stay safe. For more inforamtion about staying safe on the internet visit the ThinkuKnow website.