Older Adults

Getting older is something that happens to us all and can sometimes be quite difficult to deal with. But since it is inevitable, it's important to try make the most of it and maintain our independence for longer. Educating yourself about what to expect, and taking care of your body will help support your positive attitude.

As we age, it's important to educate ourselves and take steps into looking after our health and wellbeing. This can range from healthy eating to keep our bones strong, being physically active to maintain our independence, or dealing with mental health and bereavement. All of the topics below are important to find out more about, so we have provided as much information as we can, and where to find help locally in Shetland for this.


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If you are a professional and think that an older adult is at risk of a fall, you can use this Falls Risk Screening Tool to assess and referr on to the relevant professional.

Also, if you think that an individual could benefit from Falls Prevention Strength & Balance Classes please get in touch with Shelley Sandison - Falls Prevention Coordinator for more information and to refer - shelleysandison@nhs.net

For any other information or questions about the referal process please don't hesitate to contact us at Health Improvement on: 0159580794 or info@healthyshetland.com