Where Can I Get Help?

If you are ill or injured it helps to know who to turn to for help - some conditions you can safely treat yourself, often a visit to the pharmacy will be all you need, or you may need other medical assistance. Some of these links can help you work out what to do in different situations. If you, or someone you know, is in need of immediate medical help contact the emergency services on 999.

"Know Who to Turn to" gives information on what different services will deal with - this can help you see the right person at the right time for your condition.

Self Help

NHS Shetland has produced a self-help health guide with guidance on various ailments and illnesses - one for everyone and one especially for children's health. Or you can have a look at NHS 24's Self Help Guide for advice based on your symptoms.

If you want to read more about First Aid, so you know what to do if something happens, visit the St John Ambulance page for interactive tools, tips and videos.

The Shetland Library also has a "Help Yourself to Health" section with health and wellbeing books which can be useful to find out more about some conditions, how to lead a healthy lifestyle and other health topics.


Many common conditions can be dealt with by your local pharmacist. Instead of waiting for an appointment with your GP you can drop in and speak to a pharmacist during pharmacy opening hours. There are lots of ways your pharmacist can help you. They can give advice on many conditions and, if appropriate, advise on medicines to help with common ailments.

Under the Minor Ailments Scheme your pharmacist will be able to provide certain treatments free of charge - this can save you a trip to your GP.

Remember Pharmacists are experts in medications - if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask, they will be happy to help.

Long Term Conditions

You can find out more about Long Term Conditions online. If persistent or chronic pain is part of your condition the Pain Toolkit has practical tips and information that could help you better understand and manage your pain.

Mental Health

If you are experiencing mental health problems, or are worried about somebody who is, you can get support from your GP, Breathing Space or the Samaritans. There are also useful links in our Mental Health section, or Mind Your Head has more information.

If you, or someone you know, is suicidal or in danger of hurting themselves or others, contact the emergency services on 999.